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Computer Diagnostics

Todays vehicles are more complex and sophisticated than ever before. On average a new vehicle has 6-20 computers that manage everything from the anti-lock braking system to the transmission. And you need to be confident in the technicians who will be servicing your vehicle to be technologically savy. All of our technicians are ASE certified and are highly trained in all aspects of automotive repair. So you can feel confident that all of your automotive needs will be taken care of correctly. Come visit Central Truck & Equipment Repair Inc. 

Thank you for visiting Central Truck & Equipment Repair Inc in Orlando, FL.  Count on our diesel truck repair technicians for all of your medium and heavy duty truck repairs.  We provide complete repairs, maintenance, and diagnostic services.  Choosing our team will keep your medium and heavy duty trucks on the road longer!  

Schedule your appointment today (407) 872-1509 or schedule online.